The GOP and the Southern Strategy

Of Course This is Happening Inside Your Head, Terry

Chris Matthews calls out Jim Crow tactics in 2012

Similar to what I wrote the other day concerning the history of racial division, specifically in the south, Chris Matthews lit into the tactics of the GOP yesterday, stating that voter ID laws and the stirring up of racial resentment are being used by the right in a disgusting attempt to win back the Presidency.

As Rachel Maddow pointed out last night, there have been literally ZERO cases of in-person voter ID in recent years. No one, literally no one is attempting to cast a vote, in any State under a false name. To say that these laws are being put in place to protect the integrity of the vote is beyond laughable. The people who are pushing for these laws are in my opinion the lowest of the low. They are attempting to find a solution where there is no…

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