VP Debate – Biden Won!


Joe Biden gave us a clinic on how to debate last night. Know your facts: Biden was on top of the data and had real substance to refute the lies of the Romney/Ryan campaign. Be passionate: Biden displayed his passion repeatedly for the Middle Class. Amplify your opponents weakness: Biden hit on all the mendacity and weaknesses of the RR ticket, e.g., Romney’s 47% comments, the 20% tax cut that the RR campaign will not detail how they’ll pay for it (unidentified tax loopholes and deductions) and most importantly, Medicare. Ryan’s plan turns Medicare into a voucher program. Yes, Mr. Vice President we trust the President with Medicare. Lastly, throw the occasional curve ball: Biden revealed that Ryan requested stimulus money not once, but twice because he said he needed to create jobs in Wisconsin. Ryan’s a hypocrite.  Last night was a win for Biden, Democrats and the country. Of course, Republicans are dervishing about Ryan’s performance, but Biden clearly proved that he is the Vice President and should keep the job.