113th Congress – Let The Games Begin


Boehner retains his role as Speaker of the House with a total vote of 220, and 192 votes for House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi. A total of 15 “other” votes were cast for members of the House including Cantor (3) and former Rep. Allen West (1). There was much speculation regarding whether or not John Boehner would retain his Speakership, but it appears that he has survived the storm that was the fiscal cliff and the 112th Congress. I am actually in favor of Boehner retaining his Speakership. The thought of Eric Cantor being elevated was disturbing. As they say, “better the devil you know…” Having said that let me be clear that I’m no fan of Boehner either, but at least we know that he is an establishment Republican and not a Tea Party fanatic. The games of the 113th Congress are now afoot with the Speaker and House-elect being sworn in a little after 2 p.m. today.

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