Mr. Blunt and Cranky is crankier than usual, due to an argument with a sheet of ice (the ice won). To paraphrase Spider-Man, with great bluntandcrankiness comes great responsibility; so he shall utilize the excess crankitude in the service of good this week. Today, the Sequester shall become the Target O’ Crank; in particular, the lies that are being told about it, and the crap job being done by our “news” media in their “reporting” on the subject.

The history of the Sequester reveals a more complicated picture than that painted by the Teapublicans and their media mouthpieces. When reading the coverage and listening to the Congresscritters and Senators talk, you’d think that the Prexy is supposed to pass a budget and fix the problem. ‘Tain’t so, Joe.

According to the laws that govern our nation, it is the job of Congress to pass a budget. All the President can…

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