Dumb & Dumber

When I consider just how ignorant the electorate is I cringe. By the way, ignorance knows no color and does not discriminate.

Check out @BlueNationUntd’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/BlueNationUntd/status/530979741432827904?s=09

This graphic says it all. Many in the majority demographic allow race to trump all, so it’s fear over logic. So stupid and so backward! The mid-term red states that voted on November 4th had no interest in moving our country forward. They only wanted to politically lynch President Obama.

The next two years will be combative.

1 thought on “Dumb & Dumber

  1. Brother E

    The electorate’s ignorance is what the Republi-clan banked on. The Republi-clan has demonstrated each year that President Obama has been in office that having an alternative plan to improve the country was not necessary. Not having a plan to improve the country was no vice. They knew saying no repeatedly to some one who is black was enough to charge up their mis-educated constituency.

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