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Harold Meyerson: Unions still matter, in Michigan just as in China – The Washington Post

Right%20To%20Work%20Michigan_JPEG-02f97Just in case you think that what’s happening in Michigan has no bearing upon your life, read Harold Meyerson’s opinion piece in the Washington Post at

If you work for a living, which, by the way, is just as honorable as being a business owner, the opinion piece in the Post will put the propaganda term, “Right to Work” in perspective. This move by the Michigan governor is not only a threat to workers in Michigan, but also a threat to workers all across the United States. If the GOP has it’s way, American workers will be subjected to the same dire conditions of the Chinese worker. I have written before that plutocrcrat Republicans are on a mission to ensure that only a select few Americans prosper and realize the so-called American dream. Michigan further supports this assertion.

Right To Work


Don’t be fooled by the term, “Right To Work”. It’s the most insidious plot by Republicans to make sure that Unions are busted and workers are given the shaft. State legislatures must be controlled by Democrats or worker’s rights will be further undermined.

Read the Washington Post article at the following link: