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Grin and Bear It?

Is there any surprise that the Best Supporting Actress Oscar was given to Jamie Lee Curtis? Y’all know that Angela Bassett was robbed, but white supremacist thinking adds insult upon injury by attacking Ms. Bassett for being human, as if humanity is reserved for Whites only. Her reaction in the moment was appropriate, stoic. Reminder: Two-thirds of the voting Academy is White. The Grio aptly describes how Black people are held to impossible standards in the face of personal and professional setbacks. As my community says, “Black don’t crack,” and neither did Angela. Nevertheless, kick rocks Oscars, kick rocks!

Oscar: And the Winner Is…


I wonder how many people were shocked last night that Quentin Tarantino won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. I, personally, was rooting for Tarantino who has a history of making feel-good, yet bloody, retribution films, e.g., Kill Bill Vols. 1 & 2, Inglorious Basterds and now Django. Now, the Donald is mouthing off that Django Unchained is “racist”. Although, I think DT is absolutely wrong in his assessment, I will say that it takes one to know one.

One of the highlights for me was Dame Shirley Bassey’s singing of the classic Bond flim theme song, Goldfinger. I love James Bond films. My guilty pleasure. The biggest surprise of the night was the presentation of Best Picture to Argo by the first lady Michelle Obama. The right-wingnuts were making all kinds of stupid and racist comments on Twitter about the First Lady’s appearance. As usual, Mrs. Obama looked great and was, in my opinion, the icing on the cake.

I cannot get out of this post without mentioning Ang Lee’s, Life of Pi, which won four Oscars total, another suprise to many. I really enjoyed this film and found it visually stunning (saw it in 3D even). You must see this film in 3D. It’s no wonder it won for Cinematography and Visual Effects. Ang Lee films are beautiful.

The Oscars overall were better this year than in years past, but I could tell that Seth McFarlane’s jokes were not landing well with many of Hollywood’s elite in the audience. His reference to certain Hispanics Hollywood actors looking better in appearance than their accents sounded was ignorant and in poor taste. Apparently, his list of offenses during the show were numerous. If the Oscars bring him back next year, he needs to work on producing smarter, less juvenile material.