Tagg Team: The Romney Family Recipe for Crony Capitalism

Lee Fang of The Nation has written an eye-opening piece about Tagg Romney and his private equity firm, Solamere. Of course, daddy, Mitt Romney, gave Tagg the start-up capital of $10 million. Basically, campaign donors are Tagg’s business partners in this venture. What is exposed in this piece is an intricate network of crony capitalists. Anyone that thinks that Romney’s in this race for the 100% is crazy. The excerpt below is just a glimpse of the chicanery.

“But if Romney wins, there’s almost no chance that the underlying assets of his son’s firm, Solamere, will be revealed. Solamere could have assets involved in healthcare, energy, telecommunications or any number of other industries, but the public will be left in the dark.”

The link below will take you to the full story:


Lee Fang is a reporting fellow with The Investigative Fund at The Nation Institute. He covers money in politics,…