Obama for the WIN!

At my count, Obama/Biden won three of the four debates. Last night was a clear win for Mr. Obama. Romney knew full well that he has no juice when it comes to foreign policy, and that’s why he agreed with everything Obama said. Romney is studying the focus groups and knows striking a more passive, less strident tone was what he needed to do last night. Romney is no longer playing the war hawk that the extreme right wing have been pushing. In fact he’s pulling out all the stops to garner votes by any means necessary. One thing I can say about Romney, the Plutocrat, he knows how to lie and successfully manipulate. This is how he has done business all these years. He simply pitches and becomes what he thinks the given audience wants.

Obama said it right last night, Romney is all over the map, but not just on foreign policy, on everything. I am not deceived by this skillful, mendacious candidate named Mitt Romney. There is no shame in Romney so don’t look for it. James Lipton said it this way today, Romney is a boss and not a President. Just because you conjure up imagery of looking presidential in order to beguile the weak minded or uninformed does not mean you are qualified to lead the United States and by extension the free world.

Regardless of these debates, it all comes down to Ohio. Obama’s street cred in that state is good, even with white men, which is not the trend. White men continue to not support this president en masse, and I expect it will be the same on November 6th. Mitt has consistently lied through his six years running for the presidency, but the white guys still really love him. Romney speaks their language. Let’s face it, we are simply not post-racial in America.

I keep thinking that folks decided in 2008 to try the black guy, but in 2009 an insidious plot was launched against Obama with all maliciousness, and because that plot had some effect, impacting economic recovery, now it’s let’s get rid of the black guy for some of those same people. Nevermind that there are numerous signs of economic recovery. The plot, by the way, is called Republican Tea Party Sedition aka just-say-no-to-the-black-guy -on-everything-he-proposes. Sick. Seditious Tea Party Republicans would rather tank the economy than see the first black president succeed. What a shock that the south overwhelmingly supports Romney–it’s a solid blood red. What a shock at the level of racist rhetoric thrown at Mr. Obama during this campaign.

I am not deterred. Here’s my prediction, Obama is going to win. The Republican propaganda money machine will have wasted all that money. Teehee. We need to move FORWARD and not allow a worst Republican than George Bush into the driver’s seat. It would be like letting the fox guard the hen house. We don’t need a boss who likes firing people and doesn’t care about 47% of the population, we need a real leader who cares about 100% of the people. The United States needs Barack Obama.

L. Jackson/10.23.2012