Obama’s Tapper Test

Obama to Tapper

Jake Tapper’s, ABC News, set-up question to President Obama wreaks of right-wing chicanery. As soon as I heard his question, I wondered how many bills did Jake receive in order to ask it during this White House Press briefing? I imagined that the proposal  to Tapper went something like, “Ask Obama a question that makes it appear that he is both negligent and responsible for gun violence in America instead of the NRA”. Of course, Mr. Obama, as usual, deftly replied to Tapper. The Tapper question was just another example of the “Washington Spin Press”.

My question to Tapper, is where were your questions regarding gun violence two massacres ago…three, and why didn’t you direct them toward the NRA?  I read through some of the online commentary regarding this portion of the Q&A, and the comments were virulently hateful of Obama. I feel sorry for these people who make all these ugly comments online. These online commenters are symptomatic of a debased culture that’s contributing to people who think they should shoot and kill innocent people. Bottom line, the NRA is the organization with blood on its hands.

Politico reports that Rush Limbaugh gave Tapper kudos for his so-called “zinger” question. Now you know if Limbaugh liked it, then something is very foul. The Politico article characterizes Obama’s response to Tapper as testy. Read my blog post entitled, “Governing While Black” to understand why I think this noteworthy. All I can say regarding Obama’s carriage in response to Tapper, “you’re daggone skippy”. Translation: Obama’s response was appropriate.

See the video clip at the following link: http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/video/jake-tapper-questions-president-obama-gun-control-18016735

L. Jackson / 12.19.2012