When Too Few Minorities Are Too Many – The Conversation – The Chronicle of Higher Education


This article in the Chronicle is a must read. White entitlement, one might think, is a thing of the past, but in the age of the Barack Obama presidency we see that it’s alive and not well at all. In fact, it continues to be a pathology for our nation. As an African American I am most disturbed by this piece. It further solidifies in my mind how much black people are still hated in these United States. Education in America continues to be a an area of racial intolerance and bigotry, whether it be elementary, secondary or post-secondary in its manifestation.

There has been much focus in recent years on for-profit higher education, and mostly negative. But, non-profit higher education institutions, both public and private, should take heed to ensure credible and safe access to higher education for minority students or run the risk of losing them. In fact, there is a much higher percentage of minority students attending for-profit schools these days. These students will go elsewhere, and that’s the bottom line. People are not paying hefty tuition rates to be harassed or to be made to feel less than because of the color of their skin or ethnic origin. As demonstrated by this article, an education does not connote character.