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Jim Crow 2.0

As an American citizen and upon living most of my adult life in a racist and increasingly fascist racial caste system, it’s plain that Whites who fear loss of power and economic dominance will stop at nothing to keep it including resorting to violence. White supremacist ideology is a hatred that impacts too many hearts and minds in the so-called United States of AmeriKKKa. The current attack on Advanced Placement African American studies is its current offense.

I can recall many years ago that I told a colleague, an Ethiopian immigrant woman, who esteemed herself better than me (perhaps due to pedigree or station in life), that when White people “feel” threatened, they will resort to violence, murder. She seemed genuinely surprised at my declaration, possibly because she did not recognize its truth, or because until that point in her life no Black American, a member of the African diaspora, had dared to confront her with the harsh realities of AmeriKKKan racism. Reflecting on these realities led me to this Washington Post article regarding the revival of anti-Black fascism in AmeriKKKa. States’ attempts to stop AP African American studies courses only serve to heighten the awareness of this important and necessary curriculum.

Like most Black people in AmeriKKKa, I too have personally experienced racial hatred at several points in my life, some overt, but mostly they were subtle forms of racism, e.g., a job denial or a discouragement to even try, a harsh judgment regarding my character or nature, or even the general underestimation of my intellectual capacity. Growing up in New England (back in the day) it was the more overt forms of racism usually racial epithets in the form of “nigger” or “go back to Africa” a place to which I’d never been. Nonetheless, these things rarely deterred me, given my resilient nature and capacity to stand. A Black person standing and not bowed down is also something a white supremacist hates. It’s a sure sign to these ignorant souls of a loss of control that must be put down at all costs.

Once again fascist, racist haters are banning books and preventing the truth about AmeriKKKan history from being taught in school. After all, white supremacist haters must control the narrative at all times, the primary reason it was illegal to teach Black people to read during slavery. AmeriKKKa’s anti-Black propaganda and the relentless dehumanizing of Black people have been effective tactics for centuries. Sadly, some Black people have also bought in, like the corrupt Black cops who murdered Tyre Nichols.

At this stage, I believe that until the so-called United States of AmeriKKKa repents and atones for its original sin of slavery and its brutality compounded by Jim Crow apartheid and white supremacist hate, she will not survive or thrive. Reverend Wright was right (look it up). There comes a reckoning. AmeriKKKa is like a drug addict that can’t kick the habit. One day, that drug of racism will destroy you, and it will be your own fault. First, your image and glory are marred, but then your wealth is destroyed (that thing you love) because you won’t turn to do what is right. Oh, well.

So, where does AmeriKKKa go from here if it doesn’t change? Down and likely out of its dominant and influential position in the world. It’s already begun.

When Too Few Minorities Are Too Many – The Conversation – The Chronicle of Higher Education


This article in the Chronicle is a must read. White entitlement, one might think, is a thing of the past, but in the age of the Barack Obama presidency we see that it’s alive and not well at all. In fact, it continues to be a pathology for our nation. As an African American I am most disturbed by this piece. It further solidifies in my mind how much black people are still hated in these United States. Education in America continues to be a an area of racial intolerance and bigotry, whether it be elementary, secondary or post-secondary in its manifestation.

There has been much focus in recent years on for-profit higher education, and mostly negative. But, non-profit higher education institutions, both public and private, should take heed to ensure credible and safe access to higher education for minority students or run the risk of losing them. In fact, there is a much higher percentage of minority students attending for-profit schools these days. These students will go elsewhere, and that’s the bottom line. People are not paying hefty tuition rates to be harassed or to be made to feel less than because of the color of their skin or ethnic origin. As demonstrated by this article, an education does not connote character.

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H.R. 6407: College Student Rebate Act of 2012

On September 13, 2012 Reps. John Tierney (D-MA) and George Miller (D-CA) introduced the College Student Rebate Act, legislation to ensure that taxpayer and student dollars go to education, not CEO pockets or advertising accounts.