Cantor Opposes Deal, Boehner Speachless


Eisenhower coined the term “military industrial complex” and warned against it. The states that benefit most from military spending are GOP states (southern states). The largest portion of the federal budget is military spending. Let’s not forget that it was Republicans that got the United States into two wars during the Bush years. The country has been at war for the past ten years as a result. So, don’t tell me that so-called “entitlement” programs are the real spending problem. I think not.

As it stands right now, Cantor is opposing the Senate’s fiscal cliff deal. Not surpising. If we go over the cliff, and the economy takes another nose dive, we can thank our GOP friends. The GOP are a bunch of fools!

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1 thought on “Cantor Opposes Deal, Boehner Speachless

  1. Karen

    In all of my life I’ve never seen a larger group of fools gathered in one place. The name GOP suggest to me a time gone by. Grand (they are not) OLD (their ideas certainly reflect that), Party (well they may as well because they certainly are not WORKING). I don’t know how they can sleep at night fighting so hard to crush the poor and force the middle class into poverty. To think that they would cut food stamps which barely feeds children and families desperate to have one meal a day is sick. To think that these idiots on the hill find it justified to protect the 1% at the top is so utterly hateful, Charlie Manson would make a better speaker of the House. The disparity between the middle class and the 1% has become so vast over the past 30 years, I don’t know what it will take to turn it around if we do not start with something as simple as making the RICH of this Country pay more. Why should we share the burden???? Why do we need to compromise??? WE don’t. Even a blind man can see that this Country has been carried on the backs of the poor and middle class for decades. It’s time for those pompous (I’ll skip the words I’d like to plug in right here) who are trying to destroy this Country to (G)et (O)ff the (P)ot or as Mitt’s wife would say “just stop it”. I think its time to introduce a bill taking away Congress’s right to the benefits we all pay for. No more free health care for life, no more endless terms, no more pensions, no more paid days off beyond vacation of 2 weeks per year. If they don’t work on the peoples behalf they should be given 1 warning and then FIRED. They should pay into the same system we all pay into. If they did, perhaps, just maybe it would go a long way to solve their FAKE concern about the deficit.

    For God’s Sake .

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