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Fiscal Cliff Afterthoughts


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If Republicans hate the fiscal cliff deal, the Republican House has no one to blame but itself. Speaker John Boehner had no control of his caucus, clearly demonstrated an inability to negotiate a deal (he essentially had no followers in his caucus) and then offered a bogus plan B solution that he couldn’t even bring to a vote.

Cantor Opposes Deal, Boehner Speachless


Eisenhower coined the term “military industrial complex” and warned against it. The states that benefit most from military spending are GOP states (southern states). The largest portion of the federal budget is military spending. Let’s not forget that it was Republicans that got the United States into two wars during the Bush years. The country has been at war for the past ten years as a result. So, don’t tell me that so-called “entitlement” programs are the real spending problem. I think not.

As it stands right now, Cantor is opposing the Senate’s fiscal cliff deal. Not surpising. If we go over the cliff, and the economy takes another nose dive, we can thank our GOP friends. The GOP are a bunch of fools!

Read the latest WAPO blog about the machinations of the fiscal cliff at http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/post-politics/wp/2013/01/01/cantor-opposes-senate-deal/

‘Fiscal cliff’ setback shaves 200 points off Dow – Business on NBCNews.com

Wall Street can thank John Boehner’s failed attempt at leadership for this latest dip in the markets. In fact, Republicans have proven to be a triple threat when it comes to losers: Romney, McConnell and Boehner. The GOP has only itself to blame for how Wall Street is being negatively affected. For a Party that loves Wall Street, special interest and big business, they have a funny way of showing it. Read full article at: http://m.nbcnews.com/business/fiscal-cliff-setback-shaves-200-points-dow-1C7660245

‘Plan B’ Debacle and the Fiscal Cliff

BoehnerWhen I heard reports earlier this week that the White House’ latest negotiating offer to avert the fiscal cliff (curb) was to extend the Bush tax cuts to a higher income threshold (incomes up to $400,000) and to also propose spending cuts to Social Security by changing how benefits are calculated (using the chained CPI), I was disappointed, to say the least. Some Democrats, and I’m one of them, had to break with President Obama’s latest fiscal cliff proposal. Social Security has nothing to do with the deficit.

Then I began to think, this was probably a negotiating gesture by the White House that they figured Republicans would not accept anyway. Turns out, that’s the case. No one can ever say, credibly, that President Obama was not willing to make concessions during these negotiations. Then here comes Boehner, bam!, with bogus Plan B. Well, the President promised to veto Plan B, which is no viable plan at all, if it came to that. Boehner’s Plan B proposal extended the Bush Tax cuts on incomes up to $1 million.

Of course, Boehner’s Republicans did not accept the White House proposal (even with the Social Security spending cuts), but now Boehner’s inability to alternatively get his Republican caucus’ support for Plan B is solid evidence that he cannot responsibly negotiate the fiscal cliff. Boehner is a feckless leader, and probably the worst Speaker in the history of the United States. He appears to be a leader without any followers.

Republican House members were sent home this evening for the Christmas holiday after Boehner could not muster the votes to pass Plan B. What a well-deserved embarrassment for John Boehner. He had to call off the vote because, after all of Boehner’s rhetoric and posturing, he could not get the votes to pass it. As of this writing, Plan B is dead, so I guess the Social Security concession from Obama is no longer at issue either, I hope. It’s all for naught, and it looks like we may be going over the cliff after all. In fact, that may be the better deal for the American taxpayer, but it certainly will not help the economy, at least in the near term.

L. Jackson/12.20.2012