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Fiscal Cliff Afterthoughts


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If Republicans hate the fiscal cliff deal, the Republican House has no one to blame but itself. Speaker John Boehner had no control of his caucus, clearly demonstrated an inability to negotiate a deal (he essentially had no followers in his caucus) and then offered a bogus plan B solution that he couldn’t even bring to a vote.

Cantor Opposes Deal, Boehner Speachless


Eisenhower coined the term “military industrial complex” and warned against it. The states that benefit most from military spending are GOP states (southern states). The largest portion of the federal budget is military spending. Let’s not forget that it was Republicans that got the United States into two wars during the Bush years. The country has been at war for the past ten years as a result. So, don’t tell me that so-called “entitlement” programs are the real spending problem. I think not.

As it stands right now, Cantor is opposing the Senate’s fiscal cliff deal. Not surpising. If we go over the cliff, and the economy takes another nose dive, we can thank our GOP friends. The GOP are a bunch of fools!

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