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CBC Reacts to VRA Decision


The Congressional Black Caucus Chairperson, Marcia Fudge reacts to the Supreme Court decision on the Voting Rights Act. I share Representative Fudge’s outrage and disgust at this racist decision perpetuated by the so-called high court. When Sarah Palin declared that it was time to “take the country back”, this is exactly what she meant. This decision from the Supreme Court is probably more than these hoods could have ever hoped. I only hope that people born after desegregation in this country see this decision as the wake up call that it is. Do not take for granted that the rights you have today will always be. We must ensure that the rights that we have gained through blood, sweat and tears are not lost, and that we further build upon and solidify those rights. There will always be hateful people who want nothing more than to control and subjugate people of color. Let’s not allow these haters to win. Do what you must to ensure that you have what you need to VOTE these haters out of office so they can never again nominate anything like a John Roberts, Antonin Scalia or Clarence “Thom”as.

Black lawmakers missing from immigration debate

Black lawmakers missing from immigration debate

The question is being raised by a number of observers and Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) watchers: out of 42 Black members of Congress currently serving in the House, why couldn’t one African American serve on the “Gang of 8?”

The 844-page immigration reform bill sent to the House of Representatives was received by select members of the House also known as the “Gang of 8” (four Democrats and four Republicans) for political craftsmanship. So why not any black Representatives in the select “Gang of 8”? In fact, where are black voices as it pertains to immigration reform? If you’re thinking that this isn’t an issue that should concern black Americans, then you’re wrong. Anytime there is a systematic effort to remove or block black or brown peoples, obviously because of fear of their future voting potential, you had better perk up. I am one of those individuals that would challenge the Congressional Black Caucus to step up on the issue of immigration reform.